Youth Justice Accommodation

Bail support

Youth Justice Accommodation has been established in Darwin and Alice Springs to support young people aged 10 -17 years to comply with their bail conditions. 

Youth justice accommodation is available to young people on Court Orders including Good Behaviour Orders and Suspended Sentences. 

Territory Families, Housing and Communities oversees the Alice Springs Youth Accommodation and Support Services and the Saltbush Bail Support Accommodation Services in Darwin. The facilities provide a safe and secure, home-like environment and improve the ability of young people to maintain their bail conditions. About 75 per cent of young people who utilise youth justice accommodation services, successfully complete their bail order. 

Territory Families, Housing and Communities also provides other bail support services including bail supervision, bail support and a youth support line (1800 BAILED) to ensure enquires and referrals from NT Police, Courts and legal service providers can be received 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Safe sleeping crisis accommodation

Territory Families, Housing and Communities is expanding its relationship with Saltbush in Alice Springs to provide a safe place for young people to sleep. The service enables safe sleeping crisis accommodation options to be provided whilst appropriate follow up with the young person and family can occur the next business day.

A trial is currently in place to expand the service to offer overnight emergency accommodation. As part of the pilot project, the service will accept young people aged 15 to 17 years who consent to staying at Saltbush overnight after all attempts to return them to their family and to provide short-term care placements have been exhausted.

Young people will be provided with food, a shower, hygiene products, spare clothes and a safe space to rest. Youth Outreach Re-Engagement Officers will pick the young person up from Saltbush by 7:30am and relocate them back to their family the next day.

Barkly Youth Work Camp

The Northern Territory Government is investing $3.5 million to build a Barkly Youth Work Camp to provide an alternative to detention and divert at risk young people away from the youth justice system. 

The youth work camp will include multi-purpose accommodation and skills development facilities so young people can participate in Vocational Education and Training programs and learn job skills so they are ready for entry into the workforce. 

Territory Families, Housing and Communities is working with the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics to identify a site for the facility in Tennant Creek.