Youth Diversion

Youth diversion provides Police and the Courts with options to divert young people away from the criminal youth justice system. 

A pre-court youth diversion program may be an option for young people aged between 10 and 17 years instead of going to Court.

Youth diversion programs can include:

  • A verbal or written warning
  • Youth Justice Conferencing involving the offender, their family and the victim
  • Participation in diversionary or community service programs that tackle the causes of crime to reduce re-offending

Territory Families, Housing and Communities currently funds 11 non-government organisations across 49 locations in the Northern Territory to provide pre-court and pre-sentence youth diversion and crisis intervention programs, including restorative justice conferencing.

A regional approach is being adopted for the delivery of youth diversion programs, in line with Local Decision Making principles, so that local solutions can be developed to manage the complexities within each region.