Early intervention and intensive targeted programs

Specialised programs targeting young people at-risk of entering the youth justice system are being developed by community organisations and businesses in partnership with the Northern Territory Government.

Our aim is to intervene and engage at risk young people before they enter the youth justice system and to steer them onto a better path so they can make positive life choices and be productive members of the community.

Early intervention programs focus on case management, bush camps and education and training initiatives. Intensive targeted programs focus on young people who have a high risk of offending or are offending and works to divert them away from the youth justice system and get them back on track.

Case management

Territory Families, Housing and Communities Youth Outreach and Reengagement Teams (YORET) provide voluntary and court-ordered case management to young people aged from 10-17 years across the Northern Territory.

Youth Outreach and Reengagement Officers provide one-on-one engagement and relationship development for young people at risk of becoming involved in the youth justice system. They work with young people and their families to provide support and interventions that meet individual needs.

Youth Engagement Night Officers (YENOs) are specialist youth workers in Alice Springs who work with at-risk young people who are unsupervised in public places at night. They operate seven days a week from 8pm-3am and work with NT Police and youth services to address anti-social behaviour, put at-risk young people back on track and make referrals for ongoing support, programs and services.

Bush camps

Youth bush camps are designed to reduce offending, target substance use and at-risk behaviour, increase educational and vocational engagement, improve cultural connectedness and identity and enhance health and wellbeing. 

Programs may include hard physical challenges; outdoor work; practical life-skill development and work experience.  They may also include teamwork, cultural connection with elders, get-fit programs and counselling. 
Camps have proven successful across the Northern Territory with more than 80 per cent of young people who have participated in Operation Flinders not re-offending.

Operation Flinders Wilderness Camps – Northern Region

Building on the success of previous youth wilderness camps, additional camps (for up to 10 young people per camp) will be delivered for young people in the Darwin/Palmerston, Groote Eylandt and Big Rivers regions in 2019/20. 

Education and Training

Education and skills training programs are designed to engage young people and equip them with the learning and qualifications required to enter the workforce and become productive members of the community.